Lisa Shepherd’s Newest B2B Sales Book

How do you make decisions about what to buy? Chances are, it’s a very different process than ten years ago. From office supplies to consulting services to cars, buyers have radically shifted how they make purchase decisions. Buyers now resist talking to salespeople until they’ve completed their own research and are confident about their options. Buyers have taken control of the purchasing process – to the chagrin of B2B sales teams around the world. THE RADICAL SALES SHIFT explores this changing B2B sales landscape, the emergence of the New Buyer and what it means for how companies generate sales. It highlights the growing role of marketing for companies that used to rely solely on sales teams. This B2B sales book is filled with practical knowledge and tips from 20 Leaders who have successfully navigated the new rules of B2B selling and buying, THE RADICAL SALES SHIFT is an essential tool for sales and marketing leaders in Business-to-Business companies.